Marketing Your Landscape Design Project: 5 Ways to Gain Public Support

You’re a commercial property owner or developer and you’ve just spent several months and a significant amount of money developing a landscape project to set your property and business apart from the competition, beautify the neighborhood, and win the hearts and minds of customers and community residents alike. The only problem is, the public isn’t as thrilled with your plans as you are.

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15 Tips & Tricks to Help Prepare Your Commercial Landscape for Summer and Winter Months

For many businesses located in regions that experience seasonal extremes, such as New England, landscape design for commercial properties can present a particularly vexing challenge. What’s the best way to design and maintain a landscape that can not only provide a vibrant, colorful environment during the summer months but also easily handle the snow loads and bleak conditions of winter that most commercial properties experience?

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Quick Guide to Commercial Landscape Investment vs. Maintenance Costs

Commercial landscape design is much more than sticking some plants and mulch in front of a commercial building or storefront. For the smart business owner, a thoughtful, well-planned commercial landscape is a capital investment that yields long-term benefits in terms of community goodwill, positive customer relations, increased brand and business value, and even increased profitability.

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Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Landscape for Neatness and Safety

If you’re a business owner or manager, maintaining a commercial landscape requires a little more care and attention than a residential landscape because not only should it be beautiful and functional, it should be safe for your employees, customers or clients, and the general public.

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Can Landscape Design Increase Tenant Safety? 8 Tips That Can Help Keep People and Property Safe

Some commercial property owners might believe that the only way to provide added safety for their tenants is to minimize landscaping and eliminate any feature that might pose a danger to building occupants and their customers or guests. But with a little careful consideration and a thoughtfully designed landscaping plan, commercial properties can offer both a beautiful landscape and tenant safety.

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