Bulb care: How to get the most out of your bulbs, now and later

Bulbs are perhaps one of the most valuable and productive friends a flower gardener can have. Cared for properly, they seem to automatically provide life and color in a bleak landscape after a hard winter. They are springtime incarnate.

But after bulbs finish flowering, there’s the ugly aftermath. Faded, collapsed petals; wilted and yellowing leaves and stems. What’s a gardener to do?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the anatomy of bulbs to learn how to properly care for them and determine an appropriate time and technique for cleaning up that mess while still supporting the health and vitality of the bulb.

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The Power of Positive Bulb Planting

If you’re a flower person, you’ll do just about anything to extend the colorful season to enjoy plants in bloom and a riot of color in your gardens. Doing any work now may sound odd, seeing that this is the start of the gloomy season of late fall, when most plants have died back, skies are grey, and the hint of winter is in the air.

Topics: Bulb Gardens

Bulb Garden Landscaping Ideas

Bulbs - Dramatic Yellow in the Garden

This dramatic yellow flower is Fritillaria 'Lutea'.

It is planted in the autumn at the same time as your tulips and daffodils. This flower blooms in early May and stands three feet tall on sturdy stems that need no support.

There is also a deep orange red called Fritillaria rubra 'Maxima' and a soft orange called Fritillaria 'Aurora'.

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