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90 minute on-site landscape assessment

The goal of an on-site landscape assessment is to work with you to understand what you have, what you may need, and help you to understand how to manage your landscape going forward.  The assessment is also valuable when thinking about how to partner with a landscape professional to get your work accomplished.

In order to ensure we come to the assessment prepared, we always start with a Landscape Discovery Session phone call.

During the On-Site Landscape Assessment we strive to learn:

  • How do you live in the landscape now
  • How do you wish to live in the landscape after the updates
  • What is working well now
  • What is not working for you
  • What do you want to do in the landscape, with whom and when

When completed, this paid on-site landscape assessment provides you with a documented summary of your needs, wants and wishes for your landscape for both new projects and maintaining your existing space. It is essentially a road map to an enjoyable landscape that you want to live within, it will be the first step to a Life-Scape! 

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